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          霸州市穎業五金制品有限公司位于112國道邊,交通便利.擁有模具車間,注塑車間,承接壓鑄、注塑、沖壓等各種模具,加工各種注塑件.產品銷往全國各地及美國.德國.意大利.韓國等多個國家.我們廠具有20年的模具加工經驗,現與北京、天津等外貿、外企及實力雄厚的公司建立了長期的合作關系.另外與本地壓鑄廠,沖壓五金廠等廠家橫向聯合,形成一條龍服務,為客戶提供全方位服務. 我們將一如既往地堅持以誠信為本,顧客至上,互利互惠的經營方針,誠希望有識之士前來公司合作,洽談業務。


          Bazhou Yingye Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is located on the 112 National Road and has convenient transportation. It has a mold workshop, an injection molding workshop, and undertakes various molds such as die-casting, injection molding, stamping and processing various injection-molded parts. Products are sold throughout the country and the United States. Germany. Italy. Korea and many other countries. Now with Beijing, Tianjin and other foreign trade. Foreign companies and strong companies have established long-term cooperative relations. In addition, it horizontally unites with local die-casting factories, stamping hardware factories and other manufacturers to form a one-stop service network to provide customers with comprehensive services. We will, as always, adhere to the business principles of honesty, customer first, mutual benefit, and sincerely hope that people of insight come to the company to cooperate and negotiate business.